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Sartoria Militare Manca

c/o Accademia Militare Modena Vittorio Emauele II n.2

Tel. e Fax: 059 244040
Tel. Cellulare 335 5352835

The Military Sartoria Lacks is found to the inside of the Military Academy of Modena (IT).

Arriving from Modena north:

To follow the indications "Station" caught up the "Rotatoria Born them Tawny" to cover all "Course Vittorio Emanuele II" until the income of the Academy.

If you means to commission a job to us, to inquire on purpose of prices and confection or if you has found our proposals interesting you weave them outcomes not to contact telephoning or sending an email to us, we will be happy for supplying them all the information of the case.
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