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since 1956


                     Pietro Manca & C. SNC. Tailoring was set up in 1956 at The Carabinieri Training School in Iglesias in Cagliari, Italy. From 1960 to 1975 he ran his own tailoring workshop in Turin for ' Ladies and Gentlemen' as well as being the official military tailor at the Auxiliary Carabinieri Training School. Since 1975 Pietro Manca Tailoring has worked inside the Modena Military Academy, it providing daily tailoring assistance to both officers and cadet officers

         Mr. Manca's lifelong experience in the field of 'made to measure' military tailoring, his use of new working techniques with the aim of making his uniforms more 'wearable', as well as careful research regarding military requirements have led to the creation of uniforms which are able to satisfy most tastes.

         Manca Tailoring ready-to-wear uniforms are characterised by their tight-fitting and sleek line which show off male officers' broad shoulders and narrow waists, while at the same time leaving the body free to move.

         Over the past few years Mr. Manca's tailoring ability and style have been widely appreciated, but he has also shown himself to be a talented stylist, by designing and creating female uniforms.

         Even when designing for female officers, his uniforms keep faith to his trademark of elegance combined with functionality in combat gear, whilst his ceremonial uniforms highlight elegance and feminility.

         Pietro Manca Tailoring supplies ordinary, ceremonial and parade uniforms for the Army, Air Force, Finance Police, Police Force, Carabinieri, the Police Force of the Republic of San Marino.

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